Casey Darr

UX Designer

academics page on desktop and mobile

Academics Redesign

The academic major listing is an important page for prospective students researching which universities they’d like to attend. The Chico State academics page prior to my involvement made finding degree information a difficult process.

I identified the problem through a heuristic evaluation of the page. I noted the inconsistent information and experience. Through a review of industry standards and a bit of common sense, the importance of the academics page became clear.

I redesigned the page with simplicity and usability in mind. Analytics have shown a boost to traffic and reader retention.

User Research

Adding moderated and unmoderated usability testing to our team’s design process is something I am actively pursuing. I’ve created and implemented several usability tests on a collection of key pages within domain. While the frequency of our usability tests is not as high as I’d like it to be, the completed studies revealed insights that would have otherwise been missed.

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