Casey Darr

UX Designer

Mary's Gone Crackers

I spent 4 years working as a designer for an organic, gluten-free cracker company called Mary’s Gone Crackers. Initially, my design work was focused on web, social media, and photography. I then became involved in the creation of new packaging and the management of the packaging versioning and proofing process.

Photos, Slides, and Posters

Photos taken for the Mary’s Instagram account.

Super Seed crackers box
green dip
cookie contest
banana shaped like a heart sits on a cracker with peanut butter spread on it
sea salt pretzels

Presentation slides created for the sales staff.

a river of crackers at the plant
manufacturing workers gathering around Mary
rice field
presentation slide

Posters for internal events at the manufacturing plant.

August Ice Cream
July Hydration Month
Juicy June
July Lemonade

Photos from a visit to a local farmer connected with Mary’s.

hand holding fruit
many fruity being poured
shelves of fruit
farmer walking in an orchard

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