Gordy Cummings

Gordy Cummings
General Sales Manager | Boten Media Group, Chico, CA

During Casey’s time with FOX 20 he did an outstanding job with every project assigned to him. Initially his position was solely websites, Casey designed the newest KCVU FOX 20 website and updated and modernized many of the websites to the 12 stations that are ran by this company.

Over a short period of time Casey also started participating in the design and production of many promotional ad campaigns, he created impressive on air campaigns for several of our national clients. Casey’s position evolved into the web and creative design for on air, print and banners. Towards the end of his time with FOX 20 Casey also participating in presenting new promotional ideas that created non-traditional revenue for our sales team.

Sometimes individuals in the workplace should also be noticed for something that all too often has disappeared as whole and that is positive energy! Casey is a glowing example of this, and his effortless approach to this makes him not only a worthwhile employee, but also a great problem solver and peer. For this and many other reasons I highly recommends Casey’s work.



Ireri Pimentel
Promotions Manager | Boten Media Group, Chico, CA

I had the opportunity to work with Casey for about 2 years, he is an incredibly creative and enthusiastic individual. Casey demonstrated his creativity in various ways, created some of the most praised and innovative ad campaigns for clients such as Carl’s Jr., Redding Rodeo, and the Downtown Chico Business Association just to mention a few.Casey designed and created on air ads, print ad and web ad for 12 different television stations in 3 different markets, Chico-Redding, Eureka and Medford, OR. In addition to his creativity, Casey posses strong communication skills and is a total people person.


Angel Portillo, Account Executive | Boten Media Group, Chico, CA

Angel Portillo
Account Executive | Boten Media Group, Chico, CA

I really enjoyed working with Casey at our television station. His optimism and good attitude was always very contagious and appreciated his speedy work on the promotions side. I know he will impress any employer with his hard work and talent.


Paula Murphy, Program Manager | Boten Media Group, Chico, Ca

Paula Murphy
Program Manager | Boten Media Group, Chico, CA

I am very happy to say I worked with Casey Darr for over two years at KCVU. His work and conduct was always of the highest caliber. He is a person possessing amiable manners, honesty, integrity and sincerity in his daily work performance. It was unfortunate and great loss to our staffing that due to the change in company ownership his position was eliminated. I know Casey can prove his value wherever he works and I would recommend him strongly for any future job positions.


Glenn Taylor, Account Executive | Boten Media Group, Chico, Ca

Glenn Taylor
Account Executive | Boten Media Group, Chico, CA

Casey Darr is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. I could always count on Casey to help me with any online/internet aspects of any business proposal I was working on. Casey was efficient with managing his time. No matter what the task, Casey always had a very quick turnaround. I could always count on Casey to get the job done right and on time.

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