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Red Bluff Round-Up 2012

The Red Bluff Round-Up spot I produced was aimed at bringing viewers to our websites to be a part of our ticket giveaway. My work on the spot was similar to a lot of spots I produced in that I wasn’t given much content to begin with.

With only a few images to work with, I decided to use the classic Polaroid frame to bring some style to spot. I downloaded a wonderfully designed Polaroid freebie from premiumpixels.com. I also tried to match the voice over with the text on the screen as closely as I could.

Hawes Farms

A quick spot that I produced for a ticket giveaway to the Historic Hawes Farms in Anderson, CA.

Fringe DVDs

FOX20’s Fringe DVD promotion utilized facebook marketing in addition to the on-air spot. I used the theme music from the show and applied a movement technique similar to the show’s opening titles to make the connection to Fringe obvious for the casual viewer.

Since the promotion lasted for 5 days, I created similar but unique facebook covers for each day of the week.

Taste of Chico Recliner

For the last couple of years, FOX20 has hosted the beer garden at the yearly Taste of Chico in the company parking lot located at corner of 4th and Main St. in Chico, CA. The event coincides with the start of the pro football regular season and FOX gives locals what they crave…live football on flatscreen TVs!

In 2012, Chico Furniture Direct partnered with FOX20 and provided a recliner to give away in return for advertising opportunities. Entries to win the recliner could be made online at kcvufox20.com before the event and also on the day of the event.

Creating the Spot:
I used generic football footage for the background, blurred it, then covered it with transparent black halftone patterns. The result is what you see above.

Harvest Sidewalk Sale

The Harvest Sidewalk sale is a yearly event organized by the Downtown Chico Business Association (DCBA). I was asked to create a falling leaves effect for this spot which I learned and accomplished through online research and tutorials. The effect was produced in After Effects.

24 Hours in Vegas!

FOX20’s 24 Hours in Vegas! promotion gave one lucky viewer a chance to attend the American Country Awards for 24 hours in Las Vegas. The spot I produced and the accompanying webpage used styles and imagery gathered from the ACA website.

The production of the 24 Hours in Vegas spot was the first time I used the program LiveType, a software program developed by Apple Inc. to create animated title sequences for video projects. The flashing 24 Hours in Vegas text is the result of my use of LiveType.

American Idol Tickets

A promotional video spot bringing viewers to the FOX20 website to register to win Idol finale tickets. I utilized the 3D Objects and 3D rotation of compositions in After Effects to accomplish the turning effect seen in the video.

NorCal Idol Poster
Before American Idol hits air, FOX affiliates are given guaranteed auditions for the winners of local singing auditions. The poster I created was hung around town to augment the on-air promotional efforts to FOX20 Norcal Idol.

Marie Callender’s Giveaway

Marie Callender's Giveaway

The Marie Callender’s promotion on MyTV was a fun promotion to create. The idea stemmed from a phone conversation with my wife and the webpage takes advantage of a modern web typography.

One of the typefaces used on the webpage called Archive, was implemented using the @font-face CSS property. The @font-face property enables each visitor to see the same fonts, even if a font doesn’t exist on their local computer.

While it might seem obvious that designers would want their font choices to be displayed consistently across different computers, the implementation of such an idea was much more difficult to accomplish before the adoption of certain modern web techniques and copyright practices.

MyTV Logo Sting

Television and radio stations are required by FCC regulations to identify their channel a certain number of times a day. These spots are known as Station IDs. For Northern California’s MyTV, I created a simple and visually appealing logo sting for a station ID that could be ran anytime during the day.

Goddess of Hamblor

Carl's Jr. Goddess of Hamblor
The God of Hamblor was a fictitious character created by Carl’s Jr. to help sell the Six Dollar Steakhouse Burger. Keeping with this theme, I had viewers decide who should be the Goddess of Hamblor, making the voting choices female characters from some of FOX20’s shows.

Viewers voted online at FOX20’s website for their chance to win a free burger. The promotion was met with great success and our contact from Carl’s Jr. was excited to show the promotion to his colleagues and superiors.

By the way, did I mention that this promotion is AMAZING – and the client is going to die when they see this!

It’s almost 9 PM on a Friday, just completed the Chico-Redding presentation and you are going to look like a rock star!!

– Fayeruz Regan, initiative.com

In an email to FOX20’s National Sales Manager, Fayeruz kindly offered his words of praise. This was obviously music to my ears. Having someone leave positive feedback is always an added bonus when working on creative projects.