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One of my primary functions at Mary’s is the design and management of packaging files. From conception to proofing to retail photography distribution, my keen eye and design experience have helped Mary’s Gone Crackers launch over 4 new product lines in the last 2 years.

International Packaging

My role on the packaging team led to my nomination to lead the European Union packaging project. Over many months I communicated with our EU advisory firm and implemented the necessary components on our packaging, adhering to food regulations in 12 separate countries across the EU. The result, 4 flavors of seed crackers translated in 9 different languages, ready to hit multiple EU markets in 2016.

Mary’s Gone Crackers Marketing

I work as a Technical Design at Mary’s Gone Crackers. I have been at Mary’s since April 2013 and have become a relied upon asset for the Sales, Marketing and Admin teams. The following images provide a glimpse at some of the design work I have produced for Mary’s over the last 2+ years.

Wildcat Illustrated Ad

A print ad featured in Chico State’s Wildcat Illustrated featuring QR Codes linking to online schedules.

A QR Code is small square image similar to a bar code that can be scanned by a smart phone and will take the user directly to a specific web URL.

Chocolate Fest 2012

Paradise Chocolate Fest Print Ad

The guide that is handed out to the attendees of the Paradise Chocolate Fest is littered with advertisements from sponsors. My goal with the Chocolate Fest ad was to surprise the readers flipping through the guide.

If I could surprise them, then I had a better chance of maintaining their interest and possibly evoking a smile as well.

Wrectacular Poster 2012

As a media sponsor of Chico State’s Wrectacular Event, FOX20 is given booth space during the event. In 2012, FOX20 raised money through a handful of some of its advertisers to fund a poster to hand out to people attending the event.

The goal was to design something the students would want to hang on their wall and at the same time promote the comedy block on FOX20. At the bottom of the poster a coupon section would feature deals from the advertisers who paid for the poster.

I chose Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory wearing a Chico State Wildcats shirt as the main focus of the poster. The shirt is relevant to students and it’s features a main character from a major show on the channel.

Advertise on TV

My Advertise on TV advert was designed in entice prospective clients to buy advertising on one of stations of Sainte Television Group. I used color to guide the focus of the piece and gave the image depth by putting the content on a virtual note card.

End Zone Opening Pitch

Endzone Opening Pitch Poster
FOX20’s Endzone Opening Pitch promotion gave me an opportunity to direct one of the station’s events and practice my public speaking. I organized the marketing efforts for the promotion and directed the activities at the End Zone on the day of the event.

The poster was displayed in the restaurant during the week leading up to the event and also at the FOX20 station downtown.

MLB on FOX 20

MLB on FOX20 Print Ad

Even though FOX airs Major League Baseball on it’s channels, it fails to provide photos to it’s affiliates for the creating a graphic material. I overcame the lack of copyright-free Major League Baseball photos by using typography as the main focus of the piece.

Prime Access

My Prime Access print ad was a half page advertisement featured in a local free publication called Upgraded Living. Creating the advertisement required the technical skill of removing the Big Bang Theory cast from their original background to be used elsewhere.