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End Zone Opening Pitch

Endzone Opening Pitch Poster
FOX20’s Endzone Opening Pitch promotion gave me an opportunity to direct one of the station’s events and practice my public speaking. I organized the marketing efforts for the promotion and directed the activities at the End Zone on the day of the event.

The poster was displayed in the restaurant during the week leading up to the event and also at the FOX20 station downtown.

Carl’s Jr. Burger Contest

Carl's Jr. Burger Contest

FOX20 made it a habit of doing a lot of promotions with Carl’s Jr. This particular promotion worked in coordination with the television series How I Met Your Mother.

Marie Callender’s Giveaway

Marie Callender's Giveaway

The Marie Callender’s promotion on MyTV was a fun promotion to create. The idea stemmed from a phone conversation with my wife and the webpage takes advantage of a modern web typography.

One of the typefaces used on the webpage called Archive, was implemented using the @font-face CSS property. The @font-face property enables each visitor to see the same fonts, even if a font doesn’t exist on their local computer.

While it might seem obvious that designers would want their font choices to be displayed consistently across different computers, the implementation of such an idea was much more difficult to accomplish before the adoption of certain modern web techniques and copyright practices.